Why you should use Hygan Car Detailing Sponges to wash your car


hygan car care sponge stick

Many car owners before cleaning their pride and joy, reach for the ‘cheap and cheerful’ yellow sponges that you find in most DIY and bargain stores. Whilst these may be great for washing your bike, they are an inferior product for removing all the dirt and grime from the paintwork of your once-shiny set of wheels. 

Most drivers are not aware that in the process of cleaning their car and wheels this way, the cheap sponges ruin the paintwork by creating thousands of tiny scratches. This renders the colour dull over time and unsightly in bright sunshine. 

At Hygan, we are challenging the industry’s perception of using sponges to wash cars by creating new detailing and cleaning tools with innovative sponge technology. Our Car Care cleaning sponges are engineered to provide superb cleaning power whilst also protecting surfaces from the damage associated with cheaper sponges on the market. 

Our development team use high-grade synthetic materials which are very dense, to create hydrophilic sponges designed to maximise water retention. In addition to this, the sponge technology creates elevated levels of foam to protect the paintwork from scratches. 

We often get asked the question, ‘How do your sponges not damage the paintwork?’ The answer to this is simple: The pore structure of the hydrophilic car care sponges mean they have high dirt holding capacity, in the same way microfibers do. 

The cheaper sponges don’t absorb the dirt and it stays on the surface, waiting to scuff your paint work. Our specially designed car care products are as safe to use as the best microfiber mitt on the market, as the dirt is taken up into the pores. 

You can use the Hygan sponges with confidence as they will withstand repetitive use with sprays, gels, polishes, snow foam and car shampoo that are routinely used within the car care industry. The robust sponges will continue to perform to a very high standard for months of consistent use. Once it has reached the end of its life, your Hygan Car Detailing Sponge can be disposed of without any impact on the environment. 

Still not convinced? We want to change your mind and get your honest feedback! Our products aren’t like any other car cleaning sponges on the market. Try them out and tell us your thoughts.