Washing vs Detailing – what’s the difference?


There’s a fundamental difference between just washing your car and detailing your car. So, what is the difference and why should you consider detailing your car?

Car washing vs car detailing.

Car washing is a task associated with cleaning the exterior of your car that many people don’t enjoy. This is usually because they don’t have enough time and their equipment is basic, often leading to a disappointing finish and at worst, damage to the car’s paintwork.

The alternative method, known as car detailing, allows for a more thorough clean and ensures the interior and exterior of the car is showroom clean. Auto detailers recommend and use specially designed equipment, such as high-grade hydrophilic sponges like our Pro-Mesh Cleaners or Tri Vent Cleaners so that every aspect of the car is properly looked after.

Hygan Car Care is passionate about creating a variety of innovative auto detailing products. All of which deliver a high performance clean by reaching awkward spaces without causing scratches or blemishes unlike basic traditional sponge products.

What are the advantages of professional car detailing?

Whether you’re a car care novice, an enthusiastic owner, or a detailing expert, knowing the correct products and procedures to keep your pride and joy looking brand new is essential for premium results.

Some advantages of car detailing include:

Added Protection- Protecting your car by using proven detailing products is a good starting point. Take Hygan’s Diamond Grille Cleaner for example, made from a high-grade synthetic material it ensures the difficult but important areas of your car are expertly cleaned. It’s specific construction provides that extra layer of protection against dirt and scratches.

Increased Bio Safety- Making sure your car is clean has become a priority this past year. To increase the safety of your cars surfaces the  Large Tri Vent Cleaner  has a unique triangular shape that’s the perfect tool to use with your favourite car care  anti-bacterial product to give peace of mind that any harmful bacteria particles are removed from awkward surfaces.

Value- Adding value to your car is easy if it’s properly cared for. By having a consistent car detailing routine you can help to preserve the condition of your car. Hygan Car Care has the ideal Wax Applicator Pad for Car Bodywork  which is manufactured from a high performance PVA synthetic material to ensure a smooth application of wax to the paintwork surface and safeguard that final buffed finish. So when you come to sell your car the resale value will be higher.

Better mileage- Having a clean, smooth and dirt-free exterior can only assist the cars aerodynamic performance, as we all know, with fuel prices going up, every little helps! To this end, the professionals know that well cleaned grilles and vents on your car’s exterior help maintain the designed aerodynamic advantage. For what is a relatively low cost and a little bit of effort you could improve performance, save money, and help protect the environment, what’s not to like? So, why not check out the Hygan Car Care Pro- Mesh Cleaner it could transform your car detailing experience.

Focus on the detail- Learning about how to clean your car correctly means you focus on the details. At Hygan Car Care, we offer products that clean places you didn’t even realise were there. We also make a Round Alloy Spoke and Wheel Cleaner which is not only designed for wheels, but check it out for removing grime from the most inaccessible areas within your engine bays!

Where can I learn more about car detailing?

If this information has piqued your interest and you want to know more about car detailing, there are events coming to the UK you could attend.

The largest is Waxstock’ taking place on Sunday 5 June 2022 at the Ricoh Arena.

See more information at: https://www.waxstock.com/collections/tickets-what-happens-now

We’re going to be hosting an informative Q&A event soon focusing on car detailing and the best products to use.

You can submit your questions via our email address: carcare@hygan.com