‘Wax Applicator’ Pad For Car Bodywork

‘Wax Applicator’ Pad For Car Bodywork


Ideal for applying wax treatment to body and paintwork surfaces, this wax application pad allows smooth application of your cleaning and protective products. Durable and long-lasting, the pads do not mark surfaces and are safe for delicate paintwork and treated surfaces. Each pad is made from a high-performance PVA synthetic material.

NB – The ‘Wax Applicator’ pad is sold in single units, colours may vary.


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The ‘Applicator Pad’ should be first soaked in warm water before use, allowing it to apply the wax evenly and smoothly to the car paintwork. It is recommended, after use, that it is washed in warm soapy water and returned to the sealed bag to prevent drying out. If it does dry out then its ultra-softness can be restored by soaking in warm water again prior to re-use It’s a great product at an affordable price.