Hygan Oval Alloy Spoke Cleaner

Hygan Oval Alloy Spoke Cleaner


Oval shaped tool for removing grime, dirt, and brake dust from the most inaccessible areas.

The oval alloy spoke cleaner is made from a synthetic material which is durable enough to handle tough projects but gentle enough to prevent surface scratches. Specially designed to effectively clean complex alloy wheel designs.

A proven and flexible solution for cleaning even the most complex alloy wheels. As the sponge is hydrophilic, it holds more water than other options on the market allowing technicians to work more effectively.

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The oval alloy spoke cleaner is the go-to cleaning tool for alloys, spokes and engine bay.

The Oval Alloy Spoke Cleaner is designed to clean right to the back of the alloy rims as well as the hard to clean areas such as fine spokes and wheel nut recesses without damaging the surface.

They are flexible, resilient and highly absorbent.

Available in two sizes :

  • Standard Size – 12″ Stick
  • Large Size – 18″ Stick.


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