Hygan Large Tri-Vent Interior Cleaner

Hygan Large Tri-Vent Interior Cleaner


A triangular sponge specially designed to remove dust and dirt from dials, levers and knobs within the vehicle interior with ease. The sponge is electrostatic, meaning it effectively collects and removes small particles of dirt without the need for liquid cleaning agents or sprays. Hygan Car Care’s large triangular car cleaning sponges are constructed from a synthetic material.

Specially designed for efficient and versatile use, the sponge is sized to reach those awkward spots and can be used dry or with your chosen car care products. Not only for interiors, it can also be used to clean detailed parts of car exteriors.

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Triangle shaped sponge tool for removing dust from dials, levers and knobs. Sponge collects dust and dirt with no need for sprays nor liquids due to its hydrostatic properties.