Hygan 7 Piece Car Care Kit

Hygan 7 Piece Car Care Kit


Essential Complete Hygan 7 Piece Starter Car Care Cleaning Kit featuring uniquely shaped alloy, vent and grille cleaners, manufactured to achieve a superior finish . Perfect for cars and motorbikes, when quality really matters.

Pack includes:

  • Tyre Applicator Pad (1pc) – Our best-selling tyre applicator pad for perfect tyre-gel application; perfectly designed, our flawlessly constructed, high-density synthetic sponge pad allows the optimal amount of tyre gel to be applied for a seamless application.
  • LH Round Alloy spoke Cleaner (1pc) – long-lasting, durable cylindrical tool, ideal for removing grime and dirt from the most inaccessible areas effectively, without marking surfaces.
  • LH Oval Alloy Spoke Cleaner (1pc) – an oval-shaped tool perfect for removing grime, dirt, brake dust from the most inaccessible areas to effectively clean complex alloy wheel designs.
  • Mini Tri-Vent Cleaner (1pc) – ideal for removing dust from air vents, dials, levers and controls without the need for sprays or liquids thanks to its electrostatic cleaning effect.
  • Large Tri-vent Cleaner (1pc) – a triangular electrostatic sponge specially designed to remove dust and dirt from dials, levers and knobs without the need for liquid cleaning agents or sprays.
  • Diamond Grille Cleaner (1pc) – this specially designed diamond shaped sponge is made from a high-grade synthetic material making it perfectly suited to use on grilles, vents and tight spots.
  • Pro-mesh Cleaner (1pc) – this teardrop-shaped sponge is made from a hydrophilic synthetic material and is the ideal tool to use on grilles and vents thanks to its rounded and angular edges.

Seven different shapes and sizes of premium car cleaning & detailing sponges.

WIDELY USED – Wet and dry use. These premium sponges are naturally electrostatic in nature when dry and can clean and attract dust with ease. The dense construction and hydrophilic materials allow the use of all specialised cleaning sprays where required however, the inherent electrostatic characteristic means they can be used dry for a perfect streak free finish.

DURABLE and CONVENIENT – These are extremely high quality extra fine dense sponges that have the qualities of a natural sponge when wet, are environmentally friendly, and a cost-effective alternative to a mitt. Uniquely shaped sponges constructed from superior hydrophilic sponge technology meaning our sponges can hold a greater volume of water and car cleaning products than others on the market.

EASY TO USE – As the Hygan sponges are highly ‘hydrophilic’ a pre-soak in warm water will prepare the sponge for optimum performance. They are engineered to provide superb flexible cleaning power while protecting surfaces from the characteristic defects associated with cheaper sponges on the market.

MORE THOROUGH CLEANING – Car Care Kit is the perfect partner for detailing every inch of your car’s interior, especially the Tri-Vents are designed to be used within the interior of the car for cleaning inaccessible areas such as the air vents, seat belts and down the side of the seats.