Premium Cleaning Power with Hygan Tech


Car detailing with Hygan

Premium Cleaning Power with Hygan Tech

Unlike cheaper alternatives Hygan premium car cleaning products are especially designed to effectively clean and detail cars, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, and other motorised vehicles whilst maintaining a high-quality finish.

Engineered to provide superb cleaning power while protecting surfaces from the characteristic defects associated with cheaper alternatives, the Hygan Car Care range of detailing and cleaning tools are manufactured from high-grade, synthetic ‘hydrophilic’ materials which will leave surfaces blemish-free and with a professional finish.

Hydrophilic Tech v Conventional Sponges

The way in which conventional general grade sponges are formed means that they can harbour deeply ingrained dirt. This debris and grit can then cause fine scratches on your vehicle’s surface when cleaning.

Hygan’s innovative high-grade sponges have a special affinity to water to provide superb cleaning power while protecting surfaces from marring or scratches often associated with more out-dated sponges.

Hygan’s Car Care sponges use highly water absorbent materials which are densely constructed to naturally attract a large amount of water. The pore size attracts, grips and releases dirt particles into clean water and away from vulnerable surfaces. This increased water absorbency transfers particles of dirt to the bucket at an optimised rate – essential for a safe and high-quality car care finish without running the risk of surface blemishes.

The Hygan Car Care range of car detailing products and accessories also feature a special adhesive to ensure they are robust and able to tackle the most demanding car care and detailing tasks. Hygan baton mounted sponges can also be used wet or dry and will withstand the general sprays, gels and detergents which are often used in car care and detailing by industry specialists so the finest pro-finish can be achieved.

Top Tools

To detail like a pro ditch the conventional options and add these essential Hygan Car Care products to your arsenal:

  • The Pro-Hand Wash Sponge ‘Standard’ Profile – This high-quality, high density, hydrophilic car cleaning sponge is a real alternative to other products. A versatile detailing and valeting tool for all your non-paintwork needs, this product is tough and durable. Rectangular in design, each unit is optimally sized and shaped to hold, clean and detail the most demanding of surfaces, tackling tight corners just as well as it does large, flat surfaces.
  • The Pro-Hand Wash Sponge ‘Egg Box’ Profile – This car friendly sponge is the latest car detailing technology, engineered to provide unbeatable performance. Its hydrophilic, profiled design combined with optimal pore structure is devised to hold high volumes of water and suds while effectively protecting surfaces.
  • Alloy Spoke Oval or Round Wheel Cleaners – These tools are ideal for removing grime and dirt from the most inaccessible areas effectively and without marking surfaces. A go-to cleaning tool for wheels and engine bays, its highly absorbent structure optimises lifting and removing dirt more than any other comparable tool on the market.
  • Pro-Mesh Cleaner – is a teardrop-shaped car detailing tool with both a rounded and angular side to get into hard-to-reach areas in grilles and vents. Its durable construction means it will not fall apart like cheaper counterparts and is suitable for a range of applications.