Get the perfect finish when detailing your car

9th August 2021


Your car is an investment so why wouldn’t you take the time to look after it and makes sure it’s properly cleaned? The key to getting that perfect finish is using the right products when detailing your car. 

So, if you love taking care of your car, we’ve put together five helpful car detailing secrets to help you get the most out of your washing, waxing and polishing. 

Invest in quality car care products 

When it comes to detailing your car, it makes sense to have the right tools for the job. At Hygan Car Care we offer an exclusive Complete Car Care Kit including our uniquely shaped alloy, vent and grille cleaners, ideal for all those awkward to reach spots. They’ll give car enthusiasts that perfect finish every time! 

It’s all about the type of sponge 

Usually, most detailers stay away from regular shop bought sponges for the reason they may scratch your car paintwork, but no longer. With the Hygan Pro-Hand Wash Sponge you won’t have to worry. Made from high quality synthetic materials and designed with a special egg box profile it carries high volumes of water to glide over your paintwork while protecting surfaces at the same time. 

Remove marks with a polish applicator 

Sometimes when you detail your car, swirl marks can appear on the surface of its paint, this can be caused by using the wrong product. At Hygan Car Care we offer a Wax Applicator Pad for Car Bodywork. This is ideal if you’re applying wax to body and paintwork surfaces because it’s made with high performance PVA synthetic materials that re ultra-soft and won’t leave marks on your car’s delicate paintwork. This allows you to use any quality car polish to give you a perfect finish. 

Protect the car’s wheels 

It can be difficult to detail every inch of your car. If you know the right product to use it will make the detailing process so much easier. We provide an innovative solution to this problem. Our LH Oval Alloy Spoke Cleaner for Car Alloys is the perfect detailing tool to remove grime, dirt and dust from even the most inaccessible areas. It’s designed specially with the detailer in mind using synthetic materials to give you the perfect solution for cleaning the most complex alloy wheel designs. 

Select the right product for the job

When you detail your car for the first time it’s so important to select the right tool for the job. At Hygan Car Care we’re passionate about designing detailing sponge tools to achieve superior performance and finish on high value cars when quality truly matters. Our Complete Car Care Kits are made for different areas of your car. For example, one of the tools in the Complete Hygan Interior Car Care Kit is the Pro-mesh Cleaner, with a teardrop shaped sponge it’s the ideal product to use on grilles and vents. 

If you’d like to see learn more about our innovative products that give a lasting, just bought shine to your car, email