How to clean your car interior like a pro

18th November 2021


As car owners we spend so much time in our vehicles, almost 160 hours per year to be exact. So, it’s important to make sure we keep our cars looking clean and in tip top condition.

At Hygan Car Care, we’ve made it easier than ever to detail your car like a pro. All of our car care cleaning sponges have been specially developed with high quality, synthetic materials to give you a superior clean, whilst protecting all your surfaces at the same time.

Below, our product development specialists have pulled together their top tips to professionally detail your car interior:


When you’re thinking about cleaning your vehicles dashboard, you need to select the right detailing tools to reach all those awkward areas. To get the ultimate shine, you need a car care product that’s compatible with gels and polishes.

At Hygan Car Care, our development team have created the Large Tri Vent Cleaner to expertly clean and remove any stubborn dust particles from dials, levers and knobs with ease. The innovative sponge is electrostatic, meaning it will easily collect dust particles and give you a streak free finish.

Pro Tip: When you’re cleaning your dashboard, spray your products directly onto the sponge surface to ensure you clean only the surfaces you have identified.

Seat Upholstery

After a number of long journeys, it’s easy to bring in more dirt each time. Debris can easily fall throughout the car interior, especially down the seat back cushion and between the seatbelt anchor. The Hygan Tri-Vent cleaners are ideal for getting into the smallest crevasse without causing any damage to upholstery and no need for a vacuum.

The above example demonstrates just how difficult it can be to get your interior clean, but don’t worry, we have you covered. Our superior cleaning sponges are completely unique and are designed to easily dislodge dirt particles to keep your seat upholstery free of debris.

Our Mini Tri Vent Cleaner makes your car cleaning process smoother even without the need for sprays or liquids, due to its hydrostatic properties it can hold on to high volumes of dirt. All of our products are safe to use on car surfaces to achieve a professional standard of car detailing.

Pro Tip: Concentrate on one area at a time to get the most accurate clean, we recommend the use the Tri-Vent cleaners on all vents, dials and upholstery sides and backs in one concentrated effort, that way you won’t be distracted and can tick off that task.

Car Doors

Just think about how many times you and other people grab car door handles on a day-to-day basis. This may lead to the spread of germs, especially with the impact COVID-19 has had over the past year, it’s now more important than ever to keep your car clean, especially the areas you cannot normally get to, and where germs can hide away.

All Hygan Car Care products are designed to give a seamless finish to ensure your preferred car treatments can be applied with confidence.

Our Complete Hygan Car Care Kit includes 7 essential products that will achieve a superior finish for your vehicle. For any car care enthusiast all our detailing products have been carefully crafted for efficient and versatile use, the perfect partner for detailing every inch of your car.

Pro tip: Regular surface cleaning isn’t enough; your car’s interior will need more than a quick wipe down, for that showroom finish, make sure you clean the hard-to-reach areas, it’s the small details that make the difference, and Hygan Car Care makes it easy.

So, the next time it comes to completing a full interior detail, the task won’t seem that daunting if you have the right products and know-how.

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