Hygan Products
Introduces a brand new range of

Car Care Products

Hygan Products introduces a new range of car care products, developed for the discerning car detailing sector. Where “quality counts” and “only the best will do”.


Find out the common questions asked about our products.

It is highly absorbent, creates high levels of foam to protect the paintwork and is hydrophilic to give the very best performance.

No, these are extremely high quality extra fine dense sponges that have the qualities of a natural sponge when wet, are environmentally friendly and a cost-effective alternative to a mitt.

The Hygan car cleaning sponges are designed and manufactured to the highest specification, they are highly ‘hydrophilic’ and their pore structure has high dirt holding capacity so should be as safe to use as the best microfiber mitt.

Subject to the PRA test being approved.

The zoom is designed to clean right to the back of the alloy rims as well as the hard to clean areas such as fine spokes and wheel nut recesses without damaging the surface. They are flexible, resilient and highly absorbent.

Yes, the Trigans especially are designed to be used within the interior of the car for cleaning inaccessible areas such as the air vents, seat belts and down the side of the seats.

The Hygan sponges are naturally electrostatic in nature when dry and can clean and attract the dust with ease.

This is totally dependent on the individual’s use, however months of consistent use is not unusual.

Yes, they can be disposed of with a clear conscience.

If you require bespoke product design, then please contact the Hygan team for more information.

Yes, we have Consumer and Trade Price Lists available.

The Hygan sponges can withstand the consumer and professional sprays, polishes, gels and detergents commonly used within the industry.

As the Hygan sponges are highly ‘hydrophilic’ a pre-soak in warm water will prepare the sponge for optimum performance.

Yes, we have a consumer price list. Please contact our office for further details.

Our sponge foams are environmentally friendly and are disposed of without any impact on the environment.

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