Car Detailing Like A Pro


Car Detailing Like A Pro

The onset of warmer weather brings even more reason to ensure your ride is looking at its best. To rid dirt and general road build up from your car opt for an arsenal of superior Hygan products.  

Hygan use the latest innovation in synthetic sponge manufacturing technology throughout its range of premium car cleaning products. Its special, high grade ‘hydrophilic’ sponges are designed to hold more water and engineered to provide superb cleaning power while protecting surfaces from marring or scratches which are often associated with more traditional sponges.           

Whether you’re a collector, an enthusiast prepping for a big show or simply a car owner wanting the best for their vehicle, we have a go-to kit containing the best car detailing tools to give a professional finish:   


The Pro-Hand Wash Sponge has an ‘egg-box’ profile to hold suds and water while effectively protecting surfaces.  The hydrophilic materials and dense construction of Hygan Car Care sponges allow for optimum absorption of water, transferring dirt particles to the bucket faster – essential for a safe and highquality car care finish without running the risk of surface blemishes.   

The Diamond Grill Cleaner offers unparalleled detailed cleaning, for a professional finish. Its diamond shape is perfectly suited to the most demanding of spaces and you can use this car detailing tool either externally or internally to ensure grills and vents are keep pristine. In addition, the Pro-Mesh Cleaner is a teardrop-shaped car detailing tool with both a rounded and angular side to get into hard-to-reach areas in grills and vents.  

Follow up with a Hygan Wax Applicator Pad for your car’s bodywork, ideal for applying wax treatment to body and paintwork surfaces. This durable and long-lasting product allows for smooth application of your cleaning and protective products.   


Hygan’s Large TriVent Cleaner is a triangular shaped sponge perfect for reaching those awkward spots! You can use this electrostatic sponge dry or with your chosen car care products to remove dust and dirt from within the vehicle interior with ease. Use it combined with the Mini Tri-Vent Cleaner which is designed to thoroughly remove dust and dirt from smaller spaces without the need for sprays or liquids. 

Tyres & Wheels 

Ensure your alloys are sparkling clean with professional car cleaning tools such as the Oval Alloy Spoke Cleaner and Round Alloy Spoke Cleaner. Both premium car care products are specifically shaped to remove dirt, grime and brake dust from the most inaccessible areas.  Specially designed to effectively clean complex alloy wheel designs, both car cleaning tools have innovative Hygan sponges with a pore size optimised for lifting and removing dirt.  

Finally, apply tyre dressing with a Hygan Tyre Applicator Pad for a super smooth finish. Designed for the application of high-grade tyre dressing, these high-density, flawlessly constructed tools allow you to apply the optimal amount of tyre gel for that ‘profile following’ smooth and trouble-free matt or gloss appearance.