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Based in Stoke-on-Trent since its incorporation in 1960, Hygan began as a supplier of premium quality technical sponges to the ceramics industry. It has since grown to become a major global supplier of specialist bespoke sponges to various industries including car care and detailing. Following many years of success as a leader in the technical sponge industry, the Hygan Car Care division was created to serve the professional car cleaning and detailing sector which demands the very best car detailing and valeting products on the market.

One of Hygan Car Care’s main priorities is to continually develop the range of technical sponges produced. The development team works tirelessly to advance the range of synthetic car care and detailing sponge tools to achieve superior performance and finish on high value cars where quality truly matters.

Hygan Car Care Tri-vent cleaners dusters 4 piece kit

The Hygan Car Care core range is especially designed to effectively clean and detail cars, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, and other motorised vehicles whilst maintaining a high-quality finish. As the material is highly hydrophilic it naturally absorbs a large volume of water allowing the pore size and structure to attract, hold onto and then release dirt particles into clean water and away from vulnerable surfaces.

Hygan Car Care’s vision is to create a complete range of car detailing tools as affordable, real-world solutions to many challenging applications for car interiors and exteriors. The carefully designed and well-constructed car care and detailing products ensure that technicians can clean surfaces and apply their preferred treatments with confidence.

This clear vision and drive for continual development of our range allows us to bring novel, technical solutions that are at the cutting edge of the professional car care product sector.

The Hygan Car Care products are designed and assembled in the UK and are specially designed to be more environmentally friendly than other similar products and can also be produced on a bespoke basis depending on your needs.

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